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Father and Son

What do the television shows Kung Fu, the movies The Karate Kid and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the actors Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Segal have in common with Grandmaster Yung Ho Jun? The obvious response is - martial arts. There is so much more than that simple answer. Each movie,any TV episode, and every character the actor portrays, depict a standard of goodness, righteousness and correctness. This standard is what first impressed me watching and listening to Grandmaster Yung Ho Jun.

Many years ago, more than I want to think about, I studied a style of martial arts.The name escapes my memory. I remember walking into the old dingy University of Tampa Gym, warming up briefly, then fighting. No pads were used, little control was exercised and no explanation was made as to why a certain movement was done. You just did it. Needless to say, I broke my hand, curtailing my martial arts adventure. Law school, career, marriage, and children put a hold on my martial arts study for about twenty years - until I met Grandmaster Yung Ho Jun. I have to thank my nine year old son, Justin, for the introduction.

In raising my son, I had always planned to be a coach on his athletic teams. To my surprise, after a season at T-Ball and soccer, he was no longer interested. He want to be like the Ninja Turtles. So there I was, relegated to being a spectator for my six year old son's Tae Kwon Do classes. These classes were nothing like I experienced twenty years ago. The instructors demanded and received respect. The students were focused and they concentrated. There were detailed explanations to the youngest child. The students were introduced to the history of Tae Kwon Do as it existed twenty centuries ago. I watched my son progress both in mind and body. I was amazed at the good moral standards being taught. They were teaching a way of life, not just fighting for fighting's sake. I watched and wished I had found this type of school twenty years ago.

Then it happened. Justin asked me to participate in the classes with him! What a great moment in my life. Standing in my first class, wearing that white belt and taking instruction from my six year old son! I thought "What a different father-son relationship this has turned out to be." But, it is perfect; I wouldn't change it for the world. If you would have told me, back in the old gym, my future at age 43 would be jumping, spinning and breaking boards - I would have called you "crazy".

I am very lucky to have found an activity that has allowed Justin and me to form a strong bond for life. Tae Kwon Do teaches him the correct moral values and helps me maintain my health.

I have often stood in the Do Jang looking around seeing children as young as six, adults as old as seventy-six, boys and girls, men and women, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Indian - all together - getting along as family. I thought "What a better life this would be if all people in the world could be in this Do Jang, learning a way of life as taught by Grandmaster Yung Ho Jun, through the martial art of Tae Kwon Do.

- Judge Buzzy Heinrich.

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Discipline, Example and Goals

Honorable Master Yung Ho Jun:

You asked me a question several days ago about what benefits Tae Kwon Do offered for me. The obvious ones are fairly straight forward.

First, it offers an opportunity to engage in regular exercise of a disciplined nature. Second, the exercise provided above encourages stretching to loosen stiff muscles, tendons and joints and improve one's overall flexibility. Third, it brings forth the need for discipline in one's everyday life to accomplish the goals one sets forth. Fourth, it provides an opportunity to teach and set an example for the younger members of the classes. Fifth, the arrangement is such that it provides a level of goals that are reachable towards the ultimate goal which is Black Belt. Sixth, it provides a level of participation that can be adjusted to each individual to his own pace.

Last, but not least, it will offer a means of self-defense should it ever be needed. At the same time, it discourages improper use of the skills used in Tae Kwon Do and encourages only helping others and defending yourself when needed.

I am sure there are many other benefits I have not yet learned, but these are the major things I see as beneficial to me at the present time.

Thank you again for your continued instruction and help towards achieving these goals.

Davis S. Boling, M.D.

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Walk In and Change Your Life

Honorable Grand Master Jun:

I well remember the cold February day when I wondered into your school asking for the Master instructor. In a minute you appeared and greeted me with a warm welcome. After an enjoyable conversation and a trial class, I quickly signed up for a three-year training. I had no idea that this was going to turn out to be the discovery of my life. In just about three months I went through significant changes physically, mentally and emotionally.

After a couple of days of training, it turned out that the way I lived my life was completely wrong. Just as everybody else, I had a cup of coffee for breakfast, something light for lunch and a big dinner. I also did not know what to eat, how to breathe and how to exercise properly. In just about a month, I managed to quit drinking coffee, have big breakfast, moderate lunch and no dinner at all. I learned a number of breathing techniques in your Jang Kwon class, and followed the Tae Kwon Do warm-up routine in my morning exercise. As a result of regular training and all the above changes, I now wear two sizes smaller pants and shirts, I feel better than when I was 21, and I can go to class every day and work hard without being sore or hurt. Tae Kwon Do trimmed my body and my diet, improved my balance and my coordination, and most importantly, erased the word age from my vocabulary.

I spent my life in academia stretching my brain every day. Practicing Tae Kwon Do gave me an extra dose of mental energy. I am more disciplined now, my attention span widened significantly, and my focusing system is sharper than ever. The beauty of Tae Kwon Do work-out is that it is not only physical; it is also mental. A martial artist needs the consistency as the backbone of success no matter what profession one is in.

Changing my diet, working hard and sharpening my mind were easy. Changing my attitude was not quite that easy. As a professor of 17 years, I was the one who always called the shots. In addition to that, I always questioned the truth and validity of everything ( a necessary ingredient of academic life). There I stood in the Do Jang , taking instructions from people half my age, echoing their orders with a loud Yes, Sir!, and sweeping the floor as class was over. It took me a while to realize that all this was done in my interest. I convinced myself that the only way I was going to accomplish anything in Tae Kwon Do is if I surrender and give myself completely to the Art. So, I managed to get rid of my rebellion attitude. I also learned that to humble is human, and sweeping the Do Jang builds character, patience and an appreciation for a clean environment.

Tae Kwon Do made me a much better person. I learned that the only way I can be a respected leader is if I know how to follow instructions. A leader who does not know or like to follow instructions is a dictator. I have a lot more patience and compassion for people. Very few things, if anything, bother me any more. I do not care if everybody passes me on the highway, and I always react with a smile if someone cuts me off or brakes suddenly in front of me (isn't benevolence our third ATU spirit?). My only regret is that I did not start Tae Kwon Do 20 years ago.

Master Jun, I appreciate the opportunity to enter the world of Martial Arts. Tae Kwon Do gave me a passion for a lifetime. I truly enjoy living my life the Martial Arts way. It gives me goose bumps to even thing about going back to the world of caffeine, coke, big dinners, extra pounds, back ache, being sick any time someone sneezes at me , and all the other things that trouble 99% of people in our commercialized, irrational society.

Dr. Les A. Piegl
Professor of Computer Science

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Start Young or In Your Fifties

Honorable Grand Master Yung Ho Jun:

I am fifty-eight years old and it takes more effort than simply walking or running to keep me physically fit. I came to you looking for physical exercise and a program to help me put my body back into shape. In training at your Do Jang, I have found not only this, but other important lessons as well.

As a law enforcement officer, I see mostly the negative side of society, especially with juvenile delinquents. At your Do Jang I can train and work with both juveniles and adults, from age 5 to age 90, who have learned to give respect and also to receive respect as students of the Tae Kwon Do school.

You teach that job stress and pressures are the result of competition with others. As a student of Tae Kwon Do I compete with myself at my own pace. It has taught me how to relax and reduce stress not only when training but also at work.

I am looking forward both to physical training and to more knowledge of Tae Kwon Do philosophy.

Colonel Bob Hart
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Student Testimonials  


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