Yung Martial Arts Center

Tampa's Premier Martial Arts School

Since 1974, Yung Ho Martial Arts Center has been the premier martial arts school in the Tampa region. Its chief instructor, and founder, is the 9th Degree Black Belt, Grand Master Yung Ho Jun, the highest ranked, most senior active instructor in the Central Florida region you can train under.

Over the last 41 years, Yung Ho Martial Arts Center has trained and graduated over 7,000 black belts. Many graduates have found so much benefit from Tae Kwon Do that they continued progressing becoming Fifth Degree Black Belts and even Eighth Degree Black Belts. Today, many of these Black Belts have become teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, professors, engineers, local,county and State law enforcement, and US military.

Authentic Korean Style

When you enter Grand Master Jun's DoJang, you leave the current world and he takes you back to a time 2,000 years ago. Here you learn the fundamentals and techniques that allow you to defend yourself and those you care about. The style Grand Master Jun teaches is Korean Tae Kwon Do - the Way of Kicking and Punching. You learn how to protect your body and use all of your offensive weapons. Size and gross strength are not as important as technique and speed.

The Ko Am Mu Do approach to teaching, developed by Master Jun and his associates, in addition to self defense, also teaches joint locks, escapes, and the use of and defense against weapons ranging from short and long sticks to nunchucks, knives, swords and guns. Starting with the first white belt form, Tae Kwon Do teaches you how to fight against multiple opponents at the same time.

Benefits You Receive

The rewards student receive are numerous and each person has their own individual preferences. These benefits include:

  • Learning effective self defense techniques
  • Cardio - vascular conditioning
  • Weight loss
  • Increased flexibility and less rigidity and tightness
  • Competitive sparring to sharpen your skills and timing
  • Increased calmness and focus
  • Raised Ki energy for emergencies and healing
  • Quiet, solid confidence in your own capabilities

Compete only with your greatest challenge - Yourself

This training is designed so that students learn that they can do much more than they think they can. The training emphasizes that you do not compete against others. Instead, you compete against yourself, and you learn how to improve yourself and to accomplish things you never thought you could. As you advance, you realize this learning also expands to the world outside the DoJang.

Both Fighting and Philosophical Training

Each class begins with a 15 minute warm-up and yoga style stretching which prepares the body for activity, increases the flexibility and reduces the chances of pulling or injuring the muscles. Master Jun emphasizes the correct basic techniques, balance and adjustments to rapidly changing situations. Master Jun also explains the underlying philosophy of Tae Kwon Do - which complements the "how" of the techniques with the "why" of the techniques. Master Jun's instruction explains the importance of meditation for mental clarity and calmness and also the development of Ki Gong (Chi Gong in Chinese) for energizing and healing the body. In a seeming paradox, which one grows to understand, Master Jun teaches that the philosophy of Tae Kwon Do is "helping others" which you accomplish by "helping yourself".

Learn What You Can Achieve.

If you want to learn how to protect yourself and those you love, and develop your strength, confidence, conditioning, flexibility, inner peace, focus, shape up and lose weight, call Master Jun now to set up a meeting to find out more - (813/ 935-8888).


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