An Easy Way to begin Martial Arts - A Trial Membership

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Give yourself, your child, your spouse or a friend the gift of the best Martial Arts Training in the Tampa Area Learn directly from the only 9th Degree Grand Master actively teaching a 2,000 year Tradition.

Give yourself the gift of a healthy, active mind, body and spirit. Not only will you recieve the physical techniques and training, you will also learn the mental and spiritual side of Martial Arts. You will progressively learn and do things you never thought you could do, and you will feel a calm, self confidence grow because you have witnessed what you have done.

Get two weeks of classes directly from the best, most knowledgeable instructor in the region.If you like it, your payment is credited towards your full membership

For $75 you will get two weeks of personal training with Grand Master Jun. Your uniform will be included.

Or Call Now 813-935-8888 for more information.


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