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After School Program - Benefits for Children

There are many benefits for enrolling your child at Yung Ho Martial Arts School:

1. Sense of Achievement
The step by step program and guidance enables the child to accomplish things he or she might not have thought they could do. With each level, their capabilities increase and they develop the knowledge that they have actually achieved things that they previously didn't believe they could do. This gives them the willingness to go after the next, greater challenge and the belief that they can accomplish this one, too.

2. Confidence
Once a child successfully practices a new technique, they build on all their prior techniques. This allows them to "know" what they can do. There is also instruction in the Philosophy of Tae Kwon Do that encourages peaceful resolution of situations as the preferred "way". So, they can face a situation with clear knowledge of their enhanced capabilities and they can choose to walk away from a fight with the knowledge that they could have prevailed, or, if they have no other choice ,they can engage if a peaceful option is not available.

3. Physical Development
There are numerous benefits your child can recieve from this program. These include:

  • Physical conditioning ,
  • Stamina and Endurance,
  • Muscle and Body Tone,
  • Developing the exercise habit.

4. Weight control
There are several ways in which Tae Kwon Do helps control body weight. First, the regular exercise increases the "burn rate" of calories. With regular exercise, Fat calories are consumed first. Secondly, fat cells have a much larger size (volume) than muscle cells, so that when one converts a pound of fat into a pound of muscle, the body becomes much more trim in addition to becoming more powerful.

5. Flexibility
As small infants we can touch our feet to our heads. As we grow, if we don't maintain that flexibility, we become stiffer and start to lose that range of motion. Tae Kwon Do uses all of our limbs and trunk in a wide range of ways. Emphasis is place on using both sides of the body. This flexibility can be carried forward thought a child's life so that in mid and later life, that person's body is much more flexible and useful.

6. Improved Focus and Concentration in Sport, School and in Life
In Tae Kwon Do, development of Focus is an essential part of training. This includes being able to switch from the broad, overall picture, to concentrating on a specific point. There is repetition and work in developing and perfecting technique. One receives both internal and external reward and recognition in mastering one set of skills and building the next. This discipline and perseverance expands to other aspects of life such as school. The School's expectation is that children will do well in school and they are asked publicly in their tests how they did in school. They are encouraged to do well in school. They are also asked about the meaning of one of our codes: Filial Piety (Respect for Parents) and what they do to help around the house.

7. Philosophy
An added dimension to the physical training is education in the Philosophy of Tae Kwon Do. These include helping others, helping oneself, preference in avoiding fights. One learns how to be calm, centered, and how to feel peaceful and focused.

8. Defense of self, family and loved ones.
Being instructed and drilled in the techniques, building one's speed and physical stamina, and developing the confidence and knowledge of what one has and can do, all allow one the ability to defend oneself, one's family and loved ones should a situation arise that's not avoidable.

9. Life-Long Sport
Unlike soccer or football, Tae Kwon Do can be practiced for one's entire life. The sport is for both girls and boys. Speed, technique and flexibility are more important than strength. In our school, we train young children all the way through to older adults in their 60's and 70's. One can compete in fighting or one can compete on excellence in execution of fighting forms or weapons forms. There are always new techniques to learn and master that build on what one has already learned.

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