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  • Grand Master Instructing His 
  • Blackbelt takes control with Arm Lock
  • Young woman demonstrates a Spinning Kick
  • Student Executing Flying Sidekick
  • Student learns how to focus to accomplish board breaking
  • Master Jun coaching a young student
  • Blackbelt Shows Nunchuk Form
  • Black Belts demonstrating the 3rd Degree Black Belt Form
  • Students Sparring
  • High Double Kick
  • Student Demonstrating Her Tae Geuk Form
  • Woman Student Sparring
  • Young Student Demonstrating Nunchuk Form
  • Grand Master Jun Helping a Young Student
  • Grandmaster Jun showing his form
  • Grandmaster Jun Helping showing is excellent technique at 77

Welcome to the Best Martial Arts Center in Tampa

Interested in martial arts?

There are many different reasons people enjoy martial arts. Some of the most common are:

  • • the knowledge, understanding, ability, and confidence to protect oneself and those you love.
  • • the physical challenge of improving your abilities
  • • the opportunity to compete, either in sparring or in form technique and execution.
  • • the personal challenge of developing skill, technique, and discipline.
  • • the support, friendship and cameraderie among students.
  • • releasing stress that builds over the work or school day.
  • • feeling stronger and having more energy.
  • • losing weight and getting back in shape.
  • • increasing and maintaining flexibility (which is important as ones ages).
  • • participating in an activity one can practice even in their sixties and seventies.
  • • changing one's life in numerous positive ways.

Everyone enjoys the increased sense of confidence that they acquire as they learn that they can do much more than they believed they could. As there are multiple reasons to participate in martial arts, most people enjoy multiple benefits from it.

If you wish to get involved in martial arts, find a school that:

  • • has the best Instructor with the best technique so that he can show you how it's done.
  • • is established and has a track record of excellent teaching.
  • • teaches a variety of effective techniques from karate, judo, jujitsu and Tae Kwon Do in both unarmed and armed techniques.
  • • not only teaches you how to fight single AND multiple opponents, but also teaches you how to remain calm and in control of situations.
  • • teaches you the physical AND the mental side of martial arts.
  • • instructs you about the philosophy behind martial arts and how to develop your spiritual energy (Ki) that can help you keep going and also helps healing.
  • • welcomes you, helps you get started, and can take you as far as you may wish to go.

You can find all of that at Yung Ho Martial Arts. The Yung Ho School has instructed Martial Artists for over 41 years making us the oldest and most established Martial Arts School in the Tampa Bay area. Our tradition and spirit goes back 2000 years and we train both the body and the mind. To learn more, visit The School page.

Our Founder and Principal Instructor is our ninth Degree Grand Master Yung Ho Jun. It is truly a rare and unique opportunity to learn directly from a Grandmaster who is one of the foremost experts in the world who is actively involved in teaching. So, whether you are a beginning white belt or one of the highest levels of blackbelts, you can save the airfare to Asia, and learn from one the most knowledgeable instructors in the world - right here in Tampa. Learn more about his training and accomplishments on the Grand Master Jun page.

Want to get started? If you would like to observe, or try a free class, or start up straight away, take the first step in improving your life and call us at 813-935-8888 or email us . We look forward to talking with you.


Next Colorbelt Testing will be Saturday, March 31st.
Next Blackbelt Test will be Saturday, March 31st.

Black belts and Adult color belts will test at 10 a.m.
Children's Color Belt Tests will be at 1:00 p.m.
The Belt Ceremony will be held the following Friday after the tests at 6:00 p.m.

The next Black belt and Color Belt Testing will be Saturday, June 6th.
Belt Awards Ceremony are on the following Fridays after testing at 6 p.m.

2017 CLASSES :

Lunch Classes For everyone 12:00 Monday through Saturday.

Color Belt Classes - Instruction starts at 5:15, and 6:15 pm Mondays through Fridays.

Black Belt Classes - Advanced training - for Black Belts only - is held on Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:15 pm.


Yung Ho Martial Arts is accepting registration for this year's After School Program. Children can be picked up from their school and brought to the Center. They will have time for a snack followed by school study and homework time. This will be followed by Tae Kwon Do class for beginners and advanced students. Afterwards, when the child has finished their homework, they can watch a movie together. On Fridays, the students go on a field trip.

For information or registration, please call 813-935-8888


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